Monday, 25 June 2012

Product review Benefit Cosmetics- Cha Cha Tint

Ahh, summer! The sun is shining, the weather is warm and we are all showing a little more skin. But we are not only wearing less in terms of clothing, but in terms of beauty products. I prefer to opt for beauty products that do double duty. That means, I am choosing products that give me multiple results with minimal effort. One such product is the newest addition to the family of cult-favourite lip & cheek stains- Cha Cha Tint by Benefit Cosmetics. Variations of 'coraly orange' are all the rage this summer, and this mango-tinted flush adds a beautiful coral pop of colour that suits just about every skin tone!

Benefits family of tints also includes the original rose scented flush 'Benetint' as well as the ever-so-girly-pink 'Posietint'. Both Posietint and Cha Cha Tint are a gel-cream formula which gives you a more even, sheer application with plenty of time to blend. The colour is also buildable  so you can make it more intense if you want. All of the tints will wear best if applied to bare skin which can make them tricky to work with in terms of staying power. Most people want to see the colour more, so they put them over foundation. You can definitely layer in this manner, but I'd suggest a base layer directly on the skin for all day hold. Same with lips, apply your tint first before any pencil or other lip products. Remember: stains will only hang on to whatever is under them!

Now most 'stain' products have a love/hate fan base. Those who love them have mastered the art of how to apply them without getting a mottled looking mess. Most of the more liquid stains have a tendency to seep into pores and can look very uneven- not a good look! If you can get the hang of the application, stains are a perfect product to give you just a kiss of natural looking colour without imparting it's own texture. Your skin will look like skin- no shine or sparkle, and no dried out look. Stains are also perfect for layering other makeup over top. Feel free to mix it up and layer a beautiful powder blush or highlight over top. For lips, add a swipe of your favourite lipgloss for an extra kick of colour and shine. However you choose to wear it, Cha Cha Tint is sure to become a staple in any makeup bag!
Cha Cha Tint ($36 Cdn) is available at Sephora; or through Benefit Cosmetics website;

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summer Skin features in Afrodita Magazine

I just got an email from Francia Benson- editor of Afrodita magazine. For those of you who don't know, Afrodita is an online magazine that features the best of beauty, lifestyle and culture from around the globe. It is smart and refined with articles that any woman can relate to. I had the privilege of contributing two beauty pieces to this month's issue. The first "A Radiant Skin" is all about getting your skin to have that summer glow. The second also geared towards "Getting the Perfect Summer Glow" features a bronze summer makeup tutorial.

Check out Afrodita magazine here:

Beauty Boxes- a new way to sample!

Gone are the days when you had to walk into a department store to check out a new product on the market. Nevermind standing there in front of a less than impressed sales person who is talking your ear off about why you need this product. Oh and let's not forget the foreboding look they give you when you ask for a sample to try before you spend a ridiculous amount of your hard earned money on a product that isn't gonna do ANY of the things this person is claiming it should.

Now, there is a new way to try brand name, high end beauty products without wasting your money or even leaving the comfort of your own home! Beauty box sampling programs are revolutionizing the way companies market their products as well as the way consumers buy products. There are a number of these programs popping up all over the world. I have recently subscribed to 3 of them.

How do they work?
The subscription periods can vary depending on what you choose. You can go monthly, quarterly or even yearly. Though prices will vary amongst the different boxes, they typically run between $12-15 (canadian$) per month plus applicable taxes. This fee includes your shipping. Each month, you are sent a box with 4-6 deluxe samples of various beauty products. It can be anything... skincare, haircare, makeup, or even fragrance and nail care. Often, you will get at least one FULL SIZED product too! That can add up to tremendous value!  The best part is... it's always a surprise! You fill out a beauty profile and the products are chosen for your box based on your preferences as well as current trends.

There are also incentives on many of the beauty box sites to fill out product reviews and questionnaires. You will earn points for doing these as well as for referring people to sign up for the programs. The points  collected can earn you a free box or discount on merchandise.

These Beauty Box Programs are definitely game changers for me! Of course, I will still go for my little jaunts around Sephora and department stores to play with everything;)

I am looking very forward to seeing how these boxes measure up to each other over the coming months. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for reveals and come back for product reviews and much more!

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